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Titanium Powder Send a message

China (Mainland) Shenzhen Chinary Trading Co., Ltd.

Product's heading: Titanium Powder
Product's description: GRADE Ti min. O max. H max. N max. C max.
TI-1 99.4% 0.25% 0.03% 0.03% 0.02%
TI-2 99.2% 0.35% 0.06% 0.05% 0.04%
TI-3 99.0% 0.45% 0.08% 0.07% 0.05%
TI-4 98.0% 0.65% 0.20% 0.10% 0.10%
Particle Size: from 2500 to 50um.

We can provide many purities (I.E. 90%, 93%, 95%, 96%, 97% and so on) with the different particle size of Titanium powder.
Chemical composition: Not available
Technical features: Not available
Expiry date: ongoing
Quantity: 60 MT per month
Product's form/size: powder
Quality certificates:
Length of contract:
Delivery location: to be delivered from China (Mainland)
Type of packaging: in iron drums with inner plastic bags of 25/50Kgs net each
Delivery mode: by sea
Credit guarantee:
Idea of a price: to be discussed (it would be one of the most competitive offers)
Price includes: CIF
Payment terms: L/C at sight or T/T in advance
Contact information: Send a message or Add this trade lead to favorites

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Antimony Sulfide

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LME (USD/t, cash)

Сплав Ал.: 1,695.00 +44.00
Алюминий: 1,949.00 +88.5
Медь: 6,565.50 +219.5
Свинец: 2,410.50 +164.5
Никель: 19,455.00 +630.00
Олово: 14,820.00 +70.00
Цинк: 2,240.00 +125.5
22 Oct 2009 LME цены

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