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Словаpик Словаpик
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Market research - ferrous and non-ferrous metals Исследования
Strategic consultancy Консультации
International marketing and promotion PR и маpкетинг
Export & import in Russia and CIS Экспоpт и импоpт
European agent - a sales representative or a distributor Евpопейский агент
Export & import in Russia and CIS Кpедит и IPO
Recruitment in metals, mining, foundry & casting Пеpеводы
Event management Пpодажа металлов Словаpик


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Abalone Abalone
Abrasion Abrasion
Abrasive Abrasive
Absorption Absorption
Accelerated Cooling Accelerated Cooling
Accelerated corrosion test Accelerated corrosion test
Accordion Reed Steel Accordion Reed Steel
Accumulator Accumulator
Acicular ferrite Acicular ferrite
Acid Acid
Acid embrittlement Acid embrittlement
Acid rain Acid rain
Acid Steel Acid Steel
Acid Steel(2) Acid Steel(2)
Acid-Brittleness Acid-Brittleness
Acid-Process Acid-Process
Acroite Acroite
Acrostic jewelry Acrostic jewelry
Acrylic Acrylic
Activation Activation
Active Active
Active Metal Active Metal
Active potential Active potential
Activity Activity
Activity (ion) Activity (ion)
Activity series Activity series
Actual throat thickness Actual throat thickness
Adamantine Adamantine
Addition agent Addition agent
Additive Additive
Adhesion Adhesion
Adsorption Adsorption
Adularia Adularia
Adventurine Adventurine
Aerate Aerate
Aeration Aeration
Aeration Cell Aeration Cell
African Emerald African Emerald
African Jade African Jade
Agate Agate
Age Hardening Age Hardening
Ageing Ageing
Agent Agent
Agglomerating Processes Agglomerating Processes
Aging Aging
Aigrette Aigrette
Air Cooling Air Cooling
Air Setting Air Setting
Air-arc cutting Air-arc cutting
Air-Hardening Steel Air-Hardening Steel
Air-Hardening Steel(2) Air-Hardening Steel(2)
AISI (American Iron and Steel Institute) AISI (American Iron and Steel Institute)
AISI Steels AISI Steels
Alabaster Alabaster
Albite Albite
Alclad Alclad
Alexandrite Alexandrite
Alexandrite Effect Alexandrite Effect
Alkali metal Alkali metal
Alkaline Alkaline
Alkaline cleaner Alkaline cleaner
Alkyd Alkyd
Alkylation Alkylation
All-position All-position
All-weld test specimen All-weld test specimen
Alligatoring Alligatoring
Allochroite Allochroite
Allotriomorph Allotriomorph
Allotropy Allotropy
Allotropy(2) Allotropy(2)
Alloy Alloy
Alloy plating Alloy plating
Alloy Steel Alloy Steel
Alloy Steel(2) Alloy Steel(2)
Alloy Surcharge Alloy Surcharge
Alloy(2) Alloy(2)
Alloying Element Alloying Element
Alloys Alloys
Almandine Almandine
Alpaca (alpacca) Alpaca (alpacca)
Alpha Brass Alpha Brass
Alpha Bronze Alpha Bronze
Alpha Iron Alpha Iron
Alpha Iron(2) Alpha Iron(2)
Alternate-immersion test Alternate-immersion test
Alumina: (also called aluminum oxide) Alumina: (also called aluminum oxide)
Aluminium Aluminium
Aluminizing Aluminizing
Aluminum Aluminum
Aluminum (Chemical symbol Al) Aluminum (Chemical symbol Al)
Aluminum Killed Steel Aluminum Killed Steel
Amalgam Amalgam
Amazonite Amazonite
Amber Amber
American Ruby American Ruby
Amethyst Amethyst
Ametrine Ametrine
Ammeter Ammeter
Ammolite Ammolite
Amorphous Amorphous
Amorphous metal Amorphous metal
Amorphous solid Amorphous solid
Amphibole Amphibole
Amphoteric Amphoteric
Amulet Amulet
Anaerobic Anaerobic
Anchorite Anchorite
Andradite Andradite
Angelite Angelite
Angelskin Coral Angelskin Coral
Angstrom Unit Angstrom Unit
Angular tolerance Angular tolerance
Anion Anion
Anisotropy Anisotropy
Anklet Anklet
Anneal Anneal
Annealing Annealing
Annealing Twin Annealing Twin
Annealing(2) Annealing(2)
Anode Anode
Anode corrosion Anode corrosion
Anode corrosion efficiency Anode corrosion efficiency
Anode effect Anode effect
Anode efficiency Anode efficiency
Anode film Anode film
Anode/cathode Anode/cathode
Anodic cleaning Anodic cleaning
Anodic coating Anodic coating
Anodic inhibitor Anodic inhibitor
Anodic polarization Anodic polarization
Anodic potential Anodic potential
Anodic protection Anodic protection
Anodic reaction Anodic reaction
Anodized Anodized
Anodizing (Aluminum Adic Oxide Coating) Anodizing (Aluminum Adic Oxide Coating)
Anolyte Anolyte
Anti-fouling Anti-fouling
Antipitting agent Antipitting agent
Antique Jewelry Antique Jewelry
Antiqued Jewelry Antiqued Jewelry
Antiquing Antiquing
Anulus pronubus Anulus pronubus
Apache Tears Apache Tears
Apatite Apatite
Apparent Supply Apparent Supply
Applique Applique
Aqua Aura Aqua Aura
Aqua Regia Aqua Regia
Aquamarine Aquamarine
Aqueous Aqueous
Aragonite Aragonite
Arbour Arbour
Arc blow Arc blow
Arc fan Arc fan
Arc Furnace Arc Furnace
Arc voltage Arc voltage
Arc Welding Arc Welding
Arc Welding Arc Welding
Arcade Setting Arcade Setting
Arctic Opal Arctic Opal
Argon-Oxygen Decarburization (AOD) Argon-Oxygen Decarburization (AOD)
Arizona Ruby Arizona Ruby
Arizona Spinel Arizona Spinel
Arkansas Diamond Arkansas Diamond
Arkansas Stone Arkansas Stone
Art Deco Art Deco
Art Nouveau Art Nouveau
Articulated Articulated
Artifact Artifact
Artificial Aging Artificial Aging
Arts and Crafts Arts and Crafts
As Cast Condition As Cast Condition
Asparagus Stone Asparagus Stone
Assay Assay
Asscher Cut
A squarish step cut with an almost octagonal outline which enhances the fire and light of the stone. It features a small table, a high crown, wide step facets, a deep pavilion and square culet. This cut became very popular in Art Deco jewelry and was a forerunner of the emerald cut.
Asscher, Joseph Asscher, Joseph
Asterism Asterism
Atmospheric corrosion Atmospheric corrosion
Atomic-Hydrogen Weld Atomic-Hydrogen Weld
Attenuation Attenuation
Attrition Attrition
Aurora Borealis Aurora Borealis
Ausenitic Grain Size Ausenitic Grain Size
Austempering Austempering
Austempering(2) Austempering(2)
Austenite Austenite
Austenite(2) Austenite(2)
Austenitic Austenitic
Austenitic Iron Austenitic Iron
Austenitic Steel Austenitic Steel
Austenitic Steel(2) Austenitic Steel(2)
Austenitizing Austenitizing
Austentite Austentite
Australian Ruby Australian Ruby
Austrian crystal Austrian crystal
Auto Stamping Plant Auto Stamping Plant
Autofrettage Autofrettage
Automatic Gauge Control Automatic Gauge Control
Autoradiograph Autoradiograph
Auxiliary anode Auxiliary anode
Auxiliary electrode Auxiliary electrode
Auxiliary operations Auxiliary operations
Aventurine Aventurine
Aventurine Feldspar Aventurine Feldspar
Aventurine Glass Aventurine Glass
Aventurine Quartz Aventurine Quartz
Awabi Pearl Awabi Pearl
Axinite Axinite
Axis Of Symmetry Axis Of Symmetry
Azurite Azurite
Azurite Malachite Azurite Malachite

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LME (USD/t, cash)

Сплав Ал.: 1,695.00 +44.00
Алюминий: 1,949.00 +88.5
Медь: 6,565.50 +219.5
Свинец: 2,410.50 +164.5
Никель: 19,455.00 +630.00
Олово: 14,820.00 +70.00
Цинк: 2,240.00 +125.5
22 Oct 2009 LME цены

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