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Наши услуги

Market research - ferrous and non-ferrous metals Исследования
Strategic consultancy Консультации
International marketing and promotion PR и маpкетинг
Export & import in Russia and CIS Экспоpт и импоpт
European agent - a sales representative or a distributor Евpопейский агент
Export & import in Russia and CIS Кpедит и IPO
Recruitment in metals, mining, foundry & casting Пеpеводы
Event management Пpодажа металлов Словаpик


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Earing Earing
Earing(2) Earing(2)
Eddy-Current Testing Eddy-Current Testing
Edge Filing Edge Filing
Edge Rolling (Edge Conditioning) Edge Rolling (Edge Conditioning)
Edge Strain or Edge Breaks Edge Strain or Edge Breaks
Edges Edges
Edgewise Curvature Edgewise Curvature
Edging Edging
Egg-Shaped Coils Egg-Shaped Coils
Ejector Pins Ejector Pins
Elastic deformation Elastic deformation
Elastic Limit Elastic Limit
Elastic Limit(2) Elastic Limit(2)
Elastic Strain Elastic Strain
Elasticity Elasticity
Electocleaning (Electrolytic Brightening) Electocleaning (Electrolytic Brightening)
Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) Electric Arc Furnace (EAF)
Electric Furnace Steel Electric Furnace Steel
Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) Pipe Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) Pipe
Electrical Steel Electrical Steel
Electrical Steels Electrical Steels
Electro cleaning Electro cleaning
Electro galvanized Electro galvanized
Electro-Galvanizing Electro-Galvanizing
Electrolyte Electrolyte
Electrolytic Polishing Electrolytic Polishing
Electrolytic Tin Plate Electrolytic Tin Plate
Electron Beam Microprobe Analyzer Electron Beam Microprobe Analyzer
Electron-beam cutting Electron-beam cutting
Electroplating Electroplating
Electropolishing Electropolishing
Electroslag Refining Electroslag Refining
Electrowinning Electrowinning
Elongation Elongation
Elongation After Fracture Elongation After Fracture
Elongation(2) Elongation(2)
Embossed sheet Embossed sheet
Embossing Embossing
Embrittlement Embrittlement
End flare End flare
End joiner
A system consisting of a shear and a welder used to connect the ends of the coils permitting a continuous strip of metal to enter the roll forming machine.
End Quench Test End Quench Test
End-quench hardenability test (jominy test) End-quench hardenability test (jominy test)
Endurance Limit Endurance Limit
Endurance Limit(2) Endurance Limit(2)
Environmental Cracking Environmental Cracking
Epitaxy Epitaxy
Eqilibrium Diagram Eqilibrium Diagram
Equiaxed Crystals Equiaxed Crystals
Equiaxed Structure Equiaxed Structure
Equilibrium Equilibrium
Erichsen Test Erichsen Test
Erichsen Test(2) Erichsen Test(2)
Erosion Erosion
Erosion-Corrosion Erosion-Corrosion
Etchant Etchant
Etching Etching
Etching(2) Etching(2)
Eutectic Eutectic
Eutectoid Eutectoid
Eutectoid Steel Eutectoid Steel
Excess penetration bead Excess penetration bead
Exfoliation Exfoliation
Expander Steel Expander Steel
Extensometer Extensometer
Extensometer Test Extensometer Test
Extra Deep Drawing Steel Extra Deep Drawing Steel
Extra Hard Temper Extra Hard Temper
Extra Smooth Galvanized Extra Smooth Galvanized
Extra Spring Temper Extra Spring Temper
Extractive metallurgy Extractive metallurgy
Extruding Extruding
Extrusion Extrusion
Extrusion(2) Extrusion(2)
Eye of Coil Eye of Coil

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Сплав Ал.: 1,695.00 +44.00
Алюминий: 1,949.00 +88.5
Медь: 6,565.50 +219.5
Свинец: 2,410.50 +164.5
Никель: 19,455.00 +630.00
Олово: 14,820.00 +70.00
Цинк: 2,240.00 +125.5
22 Oct 2009 LME цены

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