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Market research - ferrous and non-ferrous metals Исследования
Strategic consultancy Консультации
International marketing and promotion PR и маpкетинг
Export & import in Russia and CIS Экспоpт и импоpт
European agent - a sales representative or a distributor Евpопейский агент
Export & import in Russia and CIS Кpедит и IPO
Recruitment in metals, mining, foundry & casting Пеpеводы
Event management Пpодажа металлов Словаpик


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Gages Gages
Galena Galena
Galling Galling
Galling(2) Galling(2)
Steel sheet with a unique coating of 55% aluminium and 45% zinc that resists corrosion. The coating is applied in a continuous hot-dipped process, which improves the steel's weather resistance. Galbanum® is a trademark of BHP Steel, and the product is popular in the metal building market.
Galvanic Action Galvanic Action
Galvanic Corrosion Galvanic Corrosion
Galvanized Steel Galvanized Steel
Galvanizing Galvanizing
Galvanneal Furnace Galvanneal Furnace
Galvannealed Galvannealed
Gamma Iron Gamma Iron
Gamma Iron(2) Gamma Iron(2)
Gas Carburising Gas Carburising
Gas economizer Gas economizer
Gas envelope Gas envelope
Gas Holes Gas Holes
Gas pore Gas pore
Gas regulator Gas regulator
Gas Welding Gas Welding
Gate Gate
Gated Patterns Gated Patterns
Gating System Gating System
Gauge Gauge
Gauge Length Gauge Length
Gauge Plate Gauge Plate
Geophysical Survey Geophysical Survey
GFM - Gyratory Forging Machine GFM - Gyratory Forging Machine
Gilding Metal Gilding Metal
Gloss Gloss
Grade Grade
Grain Grain
Grain boundary Grain boundary
Grain Boundary(2) Grain Boundary(2)
Grain Coarsening Grain Coarsening
Grain Flow Grain Flow
Grain Growth Grain Growth
Grain Growth(2) Grain Growth(2)
Grain Size Grain Size
Grain Size Control Grain Size Control
Grain Size Measurement Grain Size Measurement
Grain Size number Grain Size number
Grain Size(2) Grain Size(2)
Grain Size(3) Grain Size(3)
Grain(2) Grain(2)
Grain(3) Grain(3)
Grain-Boundary Liquidation Grain-Boundary Liquidation
Grain-Boundary Sulfide Precipitation Grain-Boundary Sulfide Precipitation
Grains Grains
Granular Fracture Granular Fracture
Granular Fracture(2) Granular Fracture(2)
Granulated Granulated
Granulation Granulation
Graphite Graphite
Graphitization Graphitization
Graphitizing Graphitizing
Graphitizing(2) Graphitizing(2)
Gravel Gravel
Gray Cast Iron Gray Cast Iron
Green Sand Green Sand
Green Sand Mold Green Sand Mold
Greenfield Steel Mill Greenfield Steel Mill
Grey Iron Grey Iron
Grinding Grinding
Grinding Cracks Grinding Cracks
Grinding Cracks(2) Grinding Cracks(2)
Grinding(2) Grinding(2)
Ground Flat Stock Ground Flat Stock
Guide Guide
Guide Scratch Guide Scratch
Guided bend test Guided bend test
Gun Drill Gun Drill
Gypsum Gypsum

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LME (USD/t, cash)

Сплав Ал.: 1,695.00 +44.00
Алюминий: 1,949.00 +88.5
Медь: 6,565.50 +219.5
Свинец: 2,410.50 +164.5
Никель: 19,455.00 +630.00
Олово: 14,820.00 +70.00
Цинк: 2,240.00 +125.5
22 Oct 2009 LME цены

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