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Market research - ferrous and non-ferrous metals Исследования
Strategic consultancy Консультации
International marketing and promotion PR и маpкетинг
Export & import in Russia and CIS Экспоpт и импоpт
European agent - a sales representative or a distributor Евpопейский агент
Export & import in Russia and CIS Кpедит и IPO
Recruitment in metals, mining, foundry & casting Пеpеводы
Event management Пpодажа металлов Словаpик


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T-Bend 0-,1-,2-, etc. T-Bend 0-,1-,2-, etc.
T/Cs T/Cs
Tack Welds Tack Welds
Taconite Taconite
Tailored Blanks Tailored Blanks
Tandem Coating Line Tandem Coating Line
Tandem Mill Tandem Mill
Tantalum Tantalum
Taper Section
A section made at an acute angle to a surface of interest, thereby achieving a geometrical magnification of depth. A sectioning angle 5(degrees) 43 achieves a depth magnification of 10: 1.
Tapping Tapping
Tarnish Tarnish
Teeming Teeming
Telescoping Telescoping
Tellurium Tellurium
Temper Temper
Temper (Met.) Temper (Met.)
Temper Brittleness Temper Brittleness
Temper Colors Temper Colors
Temper Embrittlement Temper Embrittlement
Temper Mill Temper Mill
Temper Rolling Temper Rolling
Temper Rolling(2) Temper Rolling(2)
Tempered and Polished Spring Steel Strip Tempered and Polished Spring Steel Strip
Tempered Spring Steel Strip Tempered Spring Steel Strip
Tempering Tempering
Tempering (Also termed 'drawing.') Tempering (Also termed 'drawing.')
Tempering(2) Tempering(2)
Tensile Strength Tensile Strength
Tensile Strength (Also called ultimate strength) Tensile Strength (Also called ultimate strength)
Tensile Strength(2) Tensile Strength(2)
Tensile Test Tensile Test
Tension Levelling Tension Levelling
Tension test Tension test
Ternary Alloy Ternary Alloy
Terne Plate Terne Plate
Test piece Test piece
Test specimen Test specimen
Texture Texture
Thermal Analysis Thermal Analysis
Thermal Conductivity Thermal Conductivity
Thermal Contraction Thermal Contraction
Thermal cutting Thermal cutting
Thermal Expansion Thermal Expansion
Thermal Stresses Thermal Stresses
Thermal Treatment Thermal Treatment
Thermo-mechanical-controlled-processing (TMCP) Thermo-mechanical-controlled-processing (TMCP)
Thermocouple Thermocouple
Thickness Thickness
Thickness Gage or Feeler Stock Thickness Gage or Feeler Stock
Thomas Process Thomas Process
Three-Quarter Hard Temper Three-Quarter Hard Temper
Tie Bar Tie Bar
TIG - welding TIG - welding
Time Temperature Transformation Curve Time Temperature Transformation Curve
Tin Tin
Tin Mill Tin Mill
Tin Plate Tin Plate
Tin Plate Base Box Tin Plate Base Box
Tin Plating Tin Plating
Tin(2) Tin(2)
Tin-Free Steel Tin-Free Steel
Tin/Chrome Plating Tin/Chrome Plating
Tinning Tinning
Titanium Titanium
Titanium(2) Titanium(2)
Titanium-based Superalloys Titanium-based Superalloys
Toe Toe
Tolerance Tolerance
Tolerance Limit Tolerance Limit
Tolerance types Tolerance types
Tolerances Tolerances
Toll Processing Toll Processing
Ton Ton
Tong Hold Tong Hold
Tongue-bend test specimen Tongue-bend test specimen
Tool longevity Tool longevity
Tool Steel Tool Steel
Tool Steel(2) Tool Steel(2)
Tool Steels Tool Steels
Torsion Torsion
Torsional Strength Torsional Strength
Total Coated Thickness Total Coated Thickness
Touch welding Touch welding
Toughness Toughness
Toughness(2) Toughness(2)
Toughness(3) Toughness(3)
Toughness(4) Toughness(4)
Trace Trace
Trade Case Trade Case
Transformation Transformation
Transformation Range Transformation Range
Transformation Ranges (transformation temperature Transformation Ranges (transformation temperature
Transformation Ranges (Transformation Temperature Transformation Ranges (Transformation Temperature
Transformation Temperature Transformation Temperature
Transformation Temperature(2) Transformation Temperature(2)
Transformation Temperature(3) Transformation Temperature(3)
Transition Temperature (ductile-brittle transition Transition Temperature (ductile-brittle transition
Transition Temperature(4) Transition Temperature(4)
Transverse Transverse
Transverse Strength Transverse Strength
Transverse Test Transverse Test
Trepanning Trepanning
Trepanning(2) Trepanning(2)
Trimming Trimming
Triple Point Triple Point
Troosite Troosite
Troosite (obsolete) Troosite (obsolete)
Trowel Steel Trowel Steel
Truckload or Trailer load Truckload or Trailer load
Truss Spring Steel Truss Spring Steel
TTT Curve TTT Curve
Tubing Tubing
Tufftriding Tufftriding
Tukon Hardness Test Tukon Hardness Test
Tumbling Tumbling
Tumbling Banal Tumbling Banal
Tundish Tundish
Tungsten Tungsten
Tungsten Carbide Tungsten Carbide
Tungsten inclusion Tungsten inclusion
Tungsten(2) Tungsten(2)
Tunnel Furnace Tunnel Furnace
Twin Twin
Twin, Annealing Twin, Annealing
Twin, Crystal Twin, Crystal
Twin, Deformation Twin, Deformation
Twist Twist
Two-Coat System Two-Coat System
Two-stage regulator Two-stage regulator

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LME (USD/t, cash)

Сплав Ал.: 1,695.00 +44.00
Алюминий: 1,949.00 +88.5
Медь: 6,565.50 +219.5
Свинец: 2,410.50 +164.5
Никель: 19,455.00 +630.00
Олово: 14,820.00 +70.00
Цинк: 2,240.00 +125.5
22 Oct 2009 LME цены

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