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Russia 5th Grain Export From Russia conference Rostov / 9-10 August 2011
Grain Export From Russia conference The ban for grain export from Russia will be cancelled soon. From 1 July 2011 Russia will return to the global market and resume wheat export. What has changed in Russian and global markets during this period? Which exporters survived and what new sellers appeared? What they can offer today and at what price?

Turkey Flat Steel Market conference Istanbul / 20 September 2011
Flat Steel Market conference What is ahead in the coming months for the flat steel industry and which markets are poised to make the first significant rebound and increase regional steel demand? Analysis of market demand & supply, changing trends as well as price forecasting in flat steel products.

Istanbul 2nd Automotive Today & Tomorrow conference Istanbul / 21 September 2011
Automotive Today & Tomorrow conference Learn more about the burning issues affecting the automotive sector including opportunities for auto component manufacturers; meeting supply chain demands & achieving high productivity; business applications & engineering automation for automotive OEMs; OEM purchasing strategies & how to become their preferred supplier etc.

UAE 2nd Cement Arabia conference Dubai / 18 October 2011
2nd Cement Arabia conference The event will discuss cement market in Middle East, its future trends and price dynamics; provide presentations from manufactures about new plants, expansions, challenges and examine regional construction sector and technology inovations.

UAE 2nd Steel Arabia conference Dubai / 19 October 2011
2nd Steel Arabia conference Learn more about future regional developments in the steel, armature and raw materials sectors. The event will also look at the price changes and challenges of business environment including rising production costs, new project developments, logistical difficulties, technology inovations and speak about strategies and much more.

Russia 9th Steel, tubes, and scrap prices forecast Moscow / 28-30 September 2011
9th Steel, tubes, and scrap prices forecast The most detailed forecast of domestic steel price trends in 2012. The analysis of possible hikes and recessions of rolled products and scrap prices and consumption volumes. The opinions of leading experts from steel products producers, consumers, traders, analytical companies.

Turkey Turkey Energy Investment, Market & Supply Istanbul / December 2011
Turkey Energy Investment, Market & Supply The conference will examine the real deal financing opportunities in the region for 2011 and beyond, renewable and future energy solutions, innovations, policy and vision. Turkey is seeking to become a regional energy transit hub sending from Russia, the Caspian Sea region and the Middle East westward towards Europe.

Russia 8th Scrap Metals Market conference Moscow / 16-17 February 2012
8th Scrap Metals Market conference Forecast of market development and change of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap consumption volumes. Analysis of price dynamics. State regulation of the regional markets and urgent problems of scrap procurement operators. Standardization and certification. Licensing. Ecology.

Turkey 6th Cement Trade conference Istanbul / 7-8 February 2012
6th Cement Trade This is an annual event which examines the issues of cement export-import flows, demand and supply balance including forecasting, analysis of cement prices, implementation of investment projects, the characteristics of cement producing capacities and the current state of product range.

Russia 9th Titanium CIS conference Moscow / May 2012
9th Titanium CIS conference Learn more about market review of titanium in CIS and worldwide; growth dynamics of titanium use; innovations and new achievements in titanium metallurgy; developments of raw materials base in titanium industry; trends and new projects in the production of titanium sponge; analysis of ferro-titanium market etc.

Russia 3rd Industrial Oils for Metallurgy & Machine Building Moscow / June 2012
3rd Industrial Oils for Metallurgy & Machine Building conference Equipment functioning efficiency as well as products quality depends on commercial oils quality. The event will discuss the state and development of Russian and global markets of industrial oils and lubricants for metallurgical, metal processing, and machine building enterprises.

Russia 2nd Sochi Cement and Aggregates conference Sochi / June 2012
Sochi Cement conference The construction of sports facilities for Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014 and football World Cup-2018 require high volumes of construction materials, including cement. Russian capacities, however, are not enough to satisfy this growing demand. Russians are now turning to foreign suppliers for import. Join the event for prices overview and forecast, domestic and foreign trade, production & consumption analysis in the Black sea region.

Astana 3rd Astana Mining & Metallurgy congress Astana / July 2012
Astana Mining & Metallurgy congress This international forum and exhibition is the ground for direct meetings with lead metallurgical and mining companies of Kazakhstan, for joint discussion of problems encountered by mining and metallurgical companies and determining solutions for their solving, as well as for experience exchange with Kazakhstan companies.

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