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DC (Direct Chill) Casting DC (Direct Chill) Casting
De-seaming De-seaming
Dead Flat Dead Flat
Dead Soft Annealing Dead Soft Annealing
Dead Soft Steel Dead Soft Steel
Dead Soft Temper Dead Soft Temper
Deburring Deburring
Decalescence Decalescence
Decarburization Decarburization
Decarburization(2) Decarburization(2)
Decoration (of dislocations) Decoration (of dislocations)
Deep Drawing Deep Drawing
Deep Drawing Steel (DDS) Deep Drawing Steel (DDS)
Defect Defect
Deformative Bands Deformative Bands
Degasification Degasification
Degasifier Degasifier
Degassing Process Degassing Process
Degassing Process (In steel making) Degassing Process (In steel making)
Degenerate Structure Degenerate Structure
Delta Iron Delta Iron
Delta Iron(2) Delta Iron(2)
Dendrite Dendrite
Dendrite(2) Dendrite(2)
Dendritic Segregation Dendritic Segregation
Denitriding Denitriding
Density Density
Dent Resistant - BH Series Dent Resistant - BH Series
Deoxidation Deoxidation
Deoxidizing Deoxidizing
Descaling Descaling
Deseaming Deseaming
Desulphurization Desulphurization
Diamond Drill Diamond Drill
Diamond Pyramid Hardness Test Diamond Pyramid Hardness Test
Die Die
Die Casting Die Casting
Die Cavity Die Cavity
Die Sinking Die Sinking
Die-Lines Die-Lines
Diffusion Diffusion
Dilatometer Dilatometer
Dip transfer Dip transfer
Direct Reduced Iron (DRI)
Processed iron ore that is iron-rich enough to be used as a scrap substitute in electric furnace steelmaking.

As mini-mills expand their product abilities to sheet steel, they require much higher grades of scrap to approach integrated mill quality. Enabling the mini-mills to use iron ore without the blast furnace, DRI can serve as a low residual raw material and alleviate the mini-mills' dependence on cleaner, higher-priced scrap.

The impurities in the crushed iron ore are driven off through the use of massive amounts of natural gas. While the result is 97% pure iron (compared with blast furnace hot metal, which, because it is saturated with carbon, is only 93% iron), DRI is only economically feasible in regions where natural gas is attractively priced.
Directional Solification Directional Solification
Dish Dish
Dislocation Dislocation
Dislocations Dislocations
Doctor Blade Steel Strip Doctor Blade Steel Strip
Dolomite Dolomite
Dolostone Dolostone
Dowel Dowel
Draft (Pattern) Draft (Pattern)
Draft (Permanent Mold) Draft (Permanent Mold)
Drag Drag
Drag lines Drag lines
Draw Draw
Drawing Drawing
Drawing Back Drawing Back
Drawing Steel (DS) Drawing Steel (DS)
Drawing(2) Drawing(2)
Drawn-Over-Mandrel Drawn-Over-Mandrel
Dressing of coil Dressing of coil
Drill Pipe Drill Pipe
Drill Rod Drill Rod
Drop Drop
Drop Forging Drop Forging
Drop Forging(2) Drop Forging(2)
Drop Hammer Drop Hammer
Dross Dross
Dry Film Thickness (DFT) Dry Film Thickness (DFT)
Dry Rolled Finish Dry Rolled Finish
DS Type B Steel DS Type B Steel
Ductile Ductile
Ductile Crack Propagation Ductile Crack Propagation
Ductile Iron Ductile Iron
Ductility Ductility
Ductility(2) Ductility(2)
Ductility(3) Ductility(3)
Dumping Dumping
Dumping Margin Dumping Margin
Duplex Duplex
Duralumin Duralumin
Duralumin (obsolete) Duralumin (obsolete)
Dye Penetrant Inspection Dye Penetrant Inspection

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