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Selling lead - High & low pressure casting of non-ferrous alloys High & low pressure casting of non-ferrous alloys
Description: The castings produced are of various configurations: flanges, caps, forks, lever...
Quantity: 100 tonnes per month to be delivered from
Certificates ISO 9001:2001
Idea of a price: depends on quanity and length of contract xxxx a p
Price includes: CIF or FOB
Liteiniye Zavodi (buy: 0 & sell: 2)

Selling lead - Ferro-Nickel ingots Ferro-Nickel ingots
Selling lead - Silicon wafers 125x125mm pseudosquare Silicon wafers 125x125mm pseudosquare
1. Selling lead - Seamless mechanical tubing Seamless mechanical tubing
2. Selling lead - Drawn Over Mandrel mechanical tubing Drawn Over Mandrel mechanical tubing
3. Selling lead - Antimony Sulfide Antimony Sulfide
4. Selling lead - 301 & 304 Series Stainless Steel Narrow Coils 301 & 304 Series Stainless Steel Narrow Coils
5. Selling lead - We sell Tungsten Bar - 1 grade We sell Tungsten Bar - 1 grade
6. Selling lead - Titanium Powder Titanium Powder
7. Selling lead - Steel gas pipes Steel gas pipes
8. Selling lead - Cr metal Cr metal
9. Buying lead - Beryllium Copper Beryllium Copper
10. Buying lead - Ferro Nickel Ferro Nickel
11. Selling lead - Seamless steel tubes, casings and line pipes Seamless steel tubes, casings and line pipes
12. Buying lead - Mn Metal Mn Metal
13. Selling lead - Silica fume 90 grade Silica fume 90 grade
14. Selling lead - Prime hot dip galvanize steel in coil Prime hot dip galvanize steel in coil
15. Selling lead - Electrolytic manganese metal Electrolytic manganese metal
16. Selling lead - Silicon metal 553/441/2202/3303 Silicon metal 553/441/2202/3303
17. Selling lead - Nickel uncut cathodes H1 Nickel uncut cathodes H1
18. Selling lead - Ni-resist cast iron Ni-resist cast iron
19. Selling lead - Steel Pipe Making Machiney Export Steel Pipe Making Machiney Export

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